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    Foreign people recruitment


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    Foreign people recruitment Empty Foreign people recruitment

    Mensaje por xyz el Jue Mayo 26, 2011 12:42 pm

    Welcome to the recruitment posting for non-Spanish players.

    Thank you for coming up here and ask you not to stop reading until the end of this post. Thanks in advance for it.

    You are probably reading this right now because some member of our clan gave you the web address. That means you already know something about us. However, this is the official presentation of JE Clan for you dear friend. We try to answer the most important questions you may have.

    JE Clan is a Spanish Clan. JE means “Juntas Españolas” … maybe “Spanish Boards” in English. Our clan is not the most known or the best important overall, but it is an active Clan that wants to be in the not too distant future.

    The Clan is based primarily on games in the Total War series (Napoleon TW and Shogun2 TW) but there are also people who play all sorts of games, especially shooters.

    We are currently between 6 and 10 regular players and are very interested in having foreign friends, so that we can all encourage this experience would give us. We think it would be very useful for everyone to have friends from other countries.

    You do not worry about your level game to join our Clan but you are a friendly person wanting to play, teach, learn and why not, win if possible! Very Happy That is what we are looking for!

    Language should not be a big problem. Most of us can write passable English and some few to speak. But we want to improve. We would do an effort to understand each other.

    Almost every day you can find between 2 of 5 JE players after 20:00 Greenwich Time (+1 GTM I think) playing Napoleon TW or Shogun2.

    Feel free to join us or at least try the experience. If you liked to do it, you should follow the following steps:

    1) Go HERE and fill down the questionnaire. Find it in English. The questions are about your experience in Total War games, how you met us and so on.

    2) We will replay to your request and maybe we exchange a few questions to get to know better, and that’s all.

    You will be admitted in the clan. Then two things need to change in your profile:

    - You will have to replace your current avatar by avatar of the Clan. This is in the top of the web. An golden eagle, red background. Both the color of the eagle and the background can be changed to your liking if you are the first entering the Clan. The following will have to summit the same avatar.

    - The second is to change your TAG for the JE Clan TAG for foreign people. That TAG is not fixed at this moment. We are thinking in (JE) + your nick, and set in your avatar clan JE Foreign Legion or similar, but the ultimate we would agree together.

    Finally you will be added to our steam page and you will have access to all sections of this website, where we hope to share with us what you want as other member more of our family.

    Any questions or problems you may have about the Clan, system income and so on, write them below in this thread. They will be answered as soon as possible.

    We want to help you in the entrance road to the Clan as best as we can.

    Thanks again for having read up here and excuse my bad English Smile


    JE Clan.
    Have no Fear, JE is here.

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